Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Break a Leg

By some miracle I got all the kids to school on time today. No-one was missing a lunch, the camera was charged and I even remembered the media card. The baby bag had wipes, diapers and an emergency change of clothes. Nobody wept. It was perfect. A little too perfect if you ask me.

"Break a Leg" I told my son. And I encouraged him to play with Sam, who is far more adventurous than my boy, but we could all use a little shove down the big slide of life every now and again by a fun loving friend, can't we?

The kindergarten program that my son is in really prides itself in their ability to immerse the kids in the "magical world of imagination". Just about everything is magical in this classroom from the whimsical and uncommon names of common foodstuffs, to the notion of putting your "outdoor voice" in a basket for safekeeping when you come in from outdoors. Here at home we call that "piping down". For safekeeping we have "or else!"

My son really took to the world of imagination swimmingly. Or I should say flyingly. By the end of three hours of this, in fact, he was so convinced of his magical abilities that he was sure he could fly. Sam told him he could. His new girlfriend (let's just call her Wendy) told him he could.

And so Peter Pan leapt off the stairs of the play structure, into the air like a giant bird, and... WHAM.

Turns out he's not as magical as he thought. First day of Kindy was all about magic. Second day is going to be all about science, as it looks like my little lost boy is going to need xrays.


Mama Bub said...

Poor guy! Not a great first day for him. Hopefully it's not broken!

Julia Janzen said...

At least it will be memorable. LOL I do hope he is ok though.

Farmer*swife said...

Oh MY! Sounds like he had a great day, with the exception of the non-flying, flying, that is....

Hope all is well!